About Us

The LyghtCatcher™ is unlike anything you have ever seen before.  It’s a one-of a kind, wicked cool window art that will captivate the attention of your friends and colleagues with the unique illuminated effect it creates! 

Self-Illuminating - does Not Require Power or Batteries!  The look of the LyghtCatcher changes throughout the daytime and evening. 

LyghtCatcher’s visual magic occurs from the way we capture and magnify the physics of light.  Light waves are channeled throughout the substrate’s inherent light transmissivity and through the artwork on the substrate.  The result is stunning window art that illuminates.   

Each LyghtCatcher comes ready to use and includes window mounting hardware suitable to adhere to the interior of windows or other clean glass surfaces, such as glass wall partitions. Can also be easily be removed and relocated.

LyghtCatchers can be created from logos, images, photos, or can be crafted using custom imprinting and design by our team of graphic artists - contact us for more information.

Crafted in the USA by seasoned Artisans.